Searching Theolog

Searching Theolog

Theolog is the shared catalogue of the H. R. MacMillan Library (Vancouver School of Theology) and the Dr. John Micallef Memorial Library (St. Mark's College). The catalogue also provides access to the holdings of the University of British Columbia Library, the John Richard Allison Library (Regent College), and libraries worldwide.

Basic Search

The Basic Search is the default search for Theolog. It is a good way to begin to explore a topic because it searches keywords in the title, abstract, contents, and subject headings of a catalogue record.

Searching for items using the Basic Search is easy:

There are filters along the left, which help you refine the results by library. You can also filter your results by format, author, year, language, and topic.

You may use wildcards, truncation, and Boolean operators to search. Use

Note: Only the first copy appears in the results list. Click on the title to open the full record and see the all available copies for both schools:

Advanced Search

The Advanced Search may be used to conduct more targeted searches in Theolog. Click the Advanced Search link at the right of the Basic Search box. Here you may enter a number of search terms:

You may also add limits to your search:

Saving Your Searches