Welcome to Theolog 2.0!

Theolog 2.0

Theolog 2.0 is the shared catalogue of the H.R. MacMillan Theological Library (Vancouver School of Theology) and Dr. John Micallef Memorial Library ​(St. Mark's College).

The catalogue of the John Richard Allison Library (Regent College), like that of the University of British Columbia Library, and indeed libraries worldwide, can be searched simultaneously by checking the appropriate box in the filters to the left of the search results.

Logging In

You may search the catalogue as a guest.  However, if you wish to view your account, you will need to log on.  This entails creating a new password: Set/reset password. Please use your library barcode as your user ID.

What am I Searching?

Theolog 2.0 searches libraries worldwide, but the holdings for Vancouver School of Theology and St. Mark's College appear at the top of the search results list. Our help page offers detailed search guidelines.

Restrict search results to MacMillan Library (VST)

Run your search from either the basic or advanced search interface. Then, select MacMillan Library from the Library filters in the left hand panel.

Note: This filter will not retrieve e-books held by the MacMillan Library. In order to retrieve those, leave the Theolog box checked.


In Theolog 2.0 holds may only be placed by library staff. To request staff place a hold for you, visit the circulation desk or email circ@vst.edu. You will receive an email when your hold is ready. All holds must be picked up at the holding library.

Article Databases

If you are looking for a journal article, follow the approach you have used thus far, starting at the Research Tools, Databases and Web Resources page.

​ Questions? Suggestions? Email us.